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Within 2 decades we will be living much longer. Advanced healthcare will be the main reason

While life expectancy has not increased dramatically over the past two decades, I believe we are going to see increases of as much as 25% over the current average by 2040. Biopharma and medical devices organizations will be the major contributor to lengthening our lives. Along with this we will be able to better enjoy our later years. How can this all become a reality?

The progression of science will be accelerated by a dramatic advance in software. What we call artificial intelligence (AI) today will enhance our own intellectual experience and performance. Without citing the predictions of Ray Kurzweil and the lore of science fiction, it is evident that computing power and the improvement of algorithms will lead to a mimicry of human mental performance that exceeds our own by an order of magnitude.

Today, AI performs selected specific tasks very well. In fact, there is no automated intelligence today that does something a human couldn't do with unlimited time and energy. We simply are able to do many different things than a computer can accomplish. At this time, computers can do only certain tasks more consistently and quickly.

So what does this mean for a life science company of the next decade? Firstly, this "firm" of the future may not be a single organization. Rather, it might be a consortium. And this alliance will most certainly involve software participants and autonomous mechanical devices.

Discovery of new therapies will be greatly accelerated by many technologies, but mostly by AI.

I believe that we will adapt quite well to this new world of advanced technology. We have always done so.

What are your views on this topic?

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