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Change happens. Here are 3 steps to make it easier for you and others

Change is difficult.

If it is easy for you, you probably instigated it; and the process is certainly difficult for others. Promoters promote and resistors resist. It can be ignored, but will always be felt. Celebration and angst collide as positions are taken and vehemently defended. But it doesn't matter who is right, or who is wrong. Change ignores all of that. It arrives without invitation and never leaves. It comes and we must deal with it.

Let's explore the nature of this matter. Resistance is human behavior. Pushback is not good or bad in itself. It's simply nature at work, preserving inertia. As force (or energy, if you will) must be applied to move any object, we must initially oppose every bit of change that comes our way. It's our nature and we can't change that.

Or can we?

There are three steps to help us move along with the flow that stops for no one. The first is to start with ourselves and change our own intention. Once we are ready for change, we can be useful to others.

Step two is to give the other person some room. Once we have visited an unpopulated area, be it desert, an island, a precipice with a view, or simply alone in a room, we learn that space is necessary for adjustment and healing. Back off a bit and let the other person take it in. You might simplify the story and be open for ideas not your own.

Step three is to give the gift of time. As they say, "time heals all wounds." It also is the furnace that purifies and distills. When all three of these steps are in place, they afford the other person a period of quiet to consider the balance of the change they must recognize inevitably.

The work doesn't end here. If you are a leader of change, model patience and acceptance. This might seem sufficient, but it will take just a bit more than that to bring all of you through this transition. These are to have a clear vision of what is possible (nothing is impossible) and a determination to see your dream realized.

And that will require change.

Copyright (c) 2015, Jack C Crawford, All rights reserved.

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