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Avoid the rocks and rock your world

"Digital transformation" initiatives have increased over these past few years. In my opinion it's a misnomer, but nevertheless, representative of rapid change. I am seeing customers switch their budgets to the improvement of customer experiences. It's disruptive and painful for professionals that haven't yet crossed over.

Some firms are going through "synergy creation" exercises this year. Why? Simply because of change. Projects are faster and more tolerant of failure. Business stakeholders have seized control and have quarterly goals.

Personally, I like this change. It fuels my penchant for reinventing myself over and over.

So, while you dip your toe in the water, it will be noticeably tingling. Don't worry, your feet and your body are safe. No piranhas, just a rapid current in the river you have stepped into. Get your boat, helmet, and a guide. You will be in for an exciting ride.

A Fortune 1000 ship with more than a 100,000 employees can't turn quickly in fast moving rivers. But, they won't sink. They will stabilize and course correct as the rapids pass.

So hang on. If you slip off, just enjoy the ride and avoid the rocks.

Copyright (c) 2015, Jack C Crawford, All rights reserved.

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