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A surprising way that bots and smart speakers can provide “homework relief”

Do you have a child in school? Do you dread their homework assignments? After all it is their homework. Yet we all step in to help those in our care to help them do the best that they can. We want to make sure that they have the opportunity to learn the concepts and skills needed to help them succeed in our world.

Our story begins here. After a full day of responsibilities, a parent arrives home to a family yearning their attention. After things get settled, and the adult has a moment to take a breath, he or she hears their child’s reluctant announcement: “I have homework.”

The nightly routine now begins. The parent examines the school assignments. Facing the daunting task of online research in the basics of mathematics, science, literature or a foreign language, the parent and child begin a pain-staking process that can leave both of them frustrated and exhausted.

Let’s face it, most of us can’t remember everything that we learned in school. We will need to relearn some concepts in order to help with our child’s homework.

For those who can afford it, tutors might be hired to help the student who requires aid in a specific subject. There are also various services that provide supplemental or enrichment studies for students. Parents can look to these options to give a child an educational advantage at their grade level.

Unfortunately, the cost of human tutors is high, and a family may not have the means to hire them, leaving this challenging responsibility to the parent.

I believe that personal home assistants of the near future could be the answer for overloaded parents and their children. Currently, smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are only able to provide answers to basic questions.

There is hope! Thanks to modern advancements in conversational AI, a solution is on the horizon to help. This new technology will be able to alleviate stress and help parents and their children complete homework assignments.

In the future, smart speakers and bots will gain the ability to converse, navigating the student through the homework process step by step. So rather than answering only their simple queries, they would also guide them in a conversation.

Let’s go back to the moment the child announced: “I have homework.” Imagine a smart speaker placed where homework assignments are undertaken. This virtual assistant has a conversation with the student, taking care of questions normally answered by their weary parent. As the child progresses further along, the parent assists with challenges that need deeper study. Now this parent gets the evening chores done earlier and has an opportunity to relax just a bit! This amazing technology will provide overloaded parents with needed relief.

Of course, bots and virtual assistants cannot replace a parent’s love, attention, and guidance in completing homework, but these at home virtual assistants will be time savers that help get homework assignments done!

And we know that is good news for families everywhere.

Copyright (c) 2017, Emma Davila, All rights reserved.

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